Zhejiang Wanfeng Auto Wheel Co., Ltd. stock code: 002085, or “Wanfeng”)is an international company with innovation and advanced manufacturing as its core. It was listed on the main board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2006, the first IPO among its peers.

The company has established a growth strategy propelled by “dual-engine”: lightweight auto parts using magnesium alloy, aluminum alloy and high-strength steel materials, and general aviation aircraft manufacturing featured by the "Diamond" brand. Wanfeng is a global leader in manufacturing magnesium alloy auto parts and aluminum alloy wheels. Its stamping parts and environmentally friendly coating business have secured a dominant market position in China. Through the acquisition of the world’s third largest general aviation aircraft manufacturer, Wanfeng can produce the entire aircraft with independent intellectual property rights. The new state-of-art facility is nested in the “Aviation Town”, a national-level general aviation exemplary zone that covers 5.5 square kilometers in China’s eastern coast Zhejiang province. The company has manufacturing and R&D bases in 10 countries and regions around the world.

Following the business philosophy of "eternally enhance value and continuously contribute to society", over two decades of vigorous development, Wanfeng has expanded its operations globally and realized all-around internationalization of its capital, talents, technologies, and brands. Looking to the future, the company will continue to focus on the broad transportation sector, strengthen technological innovation, and provide customers with satisfactory quality products and services.


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